Trading conditions

The payment

The first payment is current month plus two months, and the following month the payment will be per month.

The payment is binding, i.e. if you are prevented from attending a session, the money will not be refunded.

However, if the teacher cancels a teaching session, a new day is found.

The payment is valid for one person, which is why you must not allow others to attend the classes. See more under the item "rights".

Payment method

When you register as a private student, you pay via MobilePay, after which it runs completely automatically. For companies, you pay via bank transfer.

Online teaching in general

The online teaching takes place on Messenger and requires a mobile phone and computer.

The teaching requires that all participants use their phone as a camera and that the camera is switched on. In addition, it also requires that you are 100% focused on the teaching. During the actual teaching, you must therefore sit in quiet surroundings, where noise disturbances must not disturb either the teacher or the other participants.

Individual online teaching

The price for individual lessons is DKK 600/45 min.

As a general rule, the agreed teaching hours are fixed. If the student is prevented, he and the teacher can find another day within the same week. If this is not possible, the class is considered cancelled, and the applicable conditions for cancellation come into force.

Group teaching

Copyright © HOLMEDAL dansk sprogakademi/ Camellia Holmedal Tlf. + 45 26 11 28 38 E-mail: Web: The session for group teaching is 2 x per 45 min.

The price for group lessons is DKK 140/60 min. The agreed teaching hours are fixed. If the student is unable to attend, it is considered a cancellation, and the money cannot be refunded.


On some of our online courses, we also offer FlexDansk. You can read more about it on our website:

Cancellation or change in course by teacher

Courses, workshops and live teams take place at the stated times. In case of changes, you will be informed at least 24 hours in advance, whenever possible.

There are also reservations for participation. If there are not enough participants for a team, the instructor can choose to move already registered participants to another team or to cancel the team altogether. If the team is cancelled, the amount paid will of course be refunded.

Termination of course

If you wish to cancel your online course, it must be done via email til  in English or Danish.  Regardless of what time of the month you cancel, your subscription continues for the rest of the payment period.


All rights to workshops, courses, events and digital products belong to HOLMEDAL Danish Language Academy. Upon registration/purchase, a license is obtained to participate in the teaching.

Your training is personal, and it is not permitted to sell, forward, lend, give away material or otherwise distribute the training, either privately or commercially to other, non-paying outsiders.

Right of complaint for services

If you are dissatisfied with services purchased from På Job Med Dansk, you can contact the company by email or telephone.

You do not have a 2-year right of complaint for services. Therefore, please contact us immediately if you experience problems. You have the right to have any defects in the service rectified, which can Copyright © HOLMEDAL dansk sprogakademi/ Camellia Holmedal Tlf. + 45 26 11 28 38 E-mail: Web: be attributed to the nature of the service, unless it is a matter of your own circumstances or other external circumstances for which we cannot be held responsible under Danish law.

Access to complaints in the event of discrepancies

If you want to complain about your purchase, you must contact XXX. If we did not succeed in finding a solution, you can lodge a complaint with the Consumer Complaints Board, if the conditions for this are met.

The Consumer Complaints Board
Competition and Consumer Authority
Carl Jacobsens Vej 35
2500 Valby
Tlf. 41 71 50 00